About lettering projects

Lettering in stone is a key aspect of my sculpture practice, and I am a member of the Lettercarvers Guild of Ireland.

I am particularly interested in placing lettering in an architectural setting, where it can become a sculptural part of the fabric of a building or any other place.

V-cut lettering has an important role in articulating and giving meaning. Deeply cut letters make them part of the stone, giving them a sculptural quality and integrity. The sharp light and shade created by the v-cut articulates the meaning of the words, 'speaking' clearly through the stone.

I explore new techniques and revisit older techniques of creating lettering in stone. The sculptural aspect of lettering in stone is an extension of my practice of exploring the potential of stone. This exploration is underpinned by my knowledge and experience of traditional techniques and approaches to stone.

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Lettering in slate

Lettering in slate