Lettering - Memorials

Memorial stoneI create memorials from the design stage through to the carving and final installation, working with the ideas and sentiments of those commissioning the memorial.

By taking the time to create a well-considered and sensitive design for each individual memorial, and by executing that design using fine craftsmanship, a beautiful monument with real meaning and integrity can be created. This way of working offers an alternative to the formulaic products available through regular monumental masons.

The first step is usually to visit the place the memorial will be located, which may not necessarily be a graveyard. I meet with the client to discuss any ideas or wishes they have, and to explore the most fitting design, lettering, shape and type of stone for the person (or event) being commemorated, and for the site. I then produce sketches, and a design usually emerges at this stage which can be adjusted and refined in further discussion with the client.

Memorial stoneI usually design a letterform that is specific to each memorial. Once the design is finalised, I can provide an accurate costing for the work and order the stone. While waiting for the stone to arrive from the quarry, I produce a full-scale drawing so that carving can begin as soon as the stone is delivered. Clients are welcome to visit the studio as work progresses. Once complete, the memorial can be installed: a beautiful and enduring act of remembrance.