About design projects

The category 'design' is sometimes appropriate to distinguish artworks that have as their primary focus the creation of new and innovative ways to realize a project and create something new for our time.

All aspects of my work are interrelated, providing knowledge, techniques, examples and tools that can be combined creatively to produce new designs.

For example, restoration work gives me an understanding of the craft of the original creator. Through it, I gain an intimate insight into why details are as they are, the subtleties of their proportion, and their precise function in the overall design. My recent work with a stone company to develop a new range of architectural stone work drew on these insights.

Revisiting the standard approach to stonework design also offers the potential to extend the limits of what is currently done with stone. By fully understanding traditional techniques, as well as modern technologies such as CNC and CAD-based saws, I can produce new designs which use both modern and traditional techniques as appropriate; sometimes, the traditional technique will be more efficient, or produce a better result.

Design projects also provide me with the opportunity to combine styles and techniques from different eras, and from different traditions and cultures, in a way that would not be appropriate in, say, restoration work. For example, in a recent project to create a stone sink I revisited the classic Belfast sink and drew further inspiration from Aztec vessels, evolving something new for our time by combining techniques and designs from different times and places.

I believe it is important for the art of stone carving to evolve and develop by both recognising the best from our heritage, and by allowing contemporary art practice to push its boundaries, creating work that is relevant and enduring.

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